Identify, assess, control, manage, monitor & review

AEC have many years of experience managing asbestos remediation projects. Our project and safety management skills ensure that all remedial work is conducted safely, efficiently and collaboratively with all stakeholders fully informed on the nature of the works being undertaken.

This open and transparent approach is a key requirement under the Health & Safety at Work Act and helps to prevent any unforeseen circumstances affecting the works.


Managing your risks

Working for large government agencies on commercial assets through to domestic residences, AEC are able to identify, assess and provide immediate controls on a high risk, friable, ACM in an occupied workplace.


Due to often sensitive nature of asbestos discoveries, AEC have been able to provide detailed advice to business and domestic customers to help reduce their liabilities and inform all stakeholders of any issues in an informative and professional manner, reducing their asbestos risks and of industrial relations issues.


Reducing costs & improving outcomes

Procuring asbestos removal services can be fraught with risk.

It is important to undertake your due diligence prior to project award, as asbestos experts AEC can undertake the assessment, vetting and pre-qualification of your asbestos removal contractors, as well as provided detailed technical specification and tender documents.

Poorly scoped asbestos removals are at an increased risk of project delays and cost blow outs, before you contract your next asbestos removal project speak to the experts at AEC.


When you need assurance

The clearance inspection verifies that all asbestos materials, dust and debris have been removed, and that any airborne fibres are below the clearance air monitoring guidelines, and that the premises with regards to asbestos are safe for re-occupation. Following the final clearance inspection a clearance certificate is issued.

Other monitoring conducted and requires the use of static samples to measure the level of airborne asbestos fibres around the boundaries of asbestos removal site, within decontamination units and prior to removal commencing.


Ongoing control & review

An asbestos management plan (AMP) must be developed that provides the building occupants, employees and contractors or anyone who may come into contact with these items with detailed information on how to manage asbestos.


All employees who may be affected by ACM must be trained in the contents of the AMP. AEC can provide asbestos management training solutions for all relevant personnel.

AEC are able to offer a full range of:

  • Asbestos services, including asbestos consultancy 

  • Asbestos surveys, for buildings, industrial and offshore facilities, marine vessels and contaminated sites

  • Asbestos airborne fibre monitoring 

  • Asbestos sampling and bulk sample analysis

  • Four stage clearances and reoccupation certification

  • Asbestos management plans and procedures

  • Asbestos removal technical specifications and tender documents

  • Project management of Asbestos removal works

  • Asbestos training and awareness for staff and contractors

  • Asbestos procedures and safety system gap analysis


Occupational hygiene and safety services:

  • Noise assessments and monitoring

  • Inhalable and respirable silica / dust assessments

  • Illumination (LUX) assessments

  • Safety management system audits and inspections

  • Health risk assessments for the extractives, mining and oil & gas industries


AEC Services are NZ Wide with a strong presence in Auckland, Whangarei, Wellington and Tauranga and we regularly undertake work in the South Island and overseas

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